Don’t cover it up! 

Hello everyone!  Today, let's talk about Makeup! Shall we? I absolutely love makeup, see for yourself! I have loved makeup since I was a child. I follow a lot of fashion and beauty bloggers, and watch a lot of make up routines and tutorials on YouTube every now and then.So I do know a thing… Continue reading Don’t cover it up! 


Beauty is not what soothes the eye..

Hello everyone!  Today, I want to talk about something I have believed  in all my life. I want to talk about it today because I am sick and tired of how we look at it ! What beauty means to me?  This is probably the first thing I was ever taught. I remember talking about… Continue reading Beauty is not what soothes the eye..


Childhood in danger! 

Hello everyone! The hitvada on it's Sunday edition featured an article about child labor, the author T G Iyer talked about the new amendments made to the child labor protection law in India. It said that now children under 14 can help in the family's workplace on the condition that they join school. The article… Continue reading Childhood in danger! 

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Hello everyone! Today we are going to talk about something which is thought to be a frivolous and distracting activity -doodling! Doodling is nothing but scribbling absentmindedly ; it includes random figures, patterns even words and numbers. This is something everybody must have done sometime or the other. We have all scribbled during long phone… Continue reading Doodling!!?