Hello everyone!

Today we are going to talk about something which is thought to be a frivolous and distracting activity –doodling!

Doodling is nothing but scribbling absentmindedly ; it includes random figures, patterns even words and numbers. This is something everybody must have done sometime or the other. We have all scribbled during long phone conversations, boring lectures or meetings. 

Haven‘t we?

I started this blog to be able to try new and different things and share my experiences. Doodling however, is not new to me, in fact it cannot be new to anyone. Anyways , I just wanted to talk about it because it has actually helped me a lot recently. The more I doodle the calmer I feel , the more I come to know about the effects it has the more I want to doodle.

But why doodle? We ought to reason everything right ?

“Adult coloring books” is a trend of today but doodling has been with us since forever. It is the most basic form of art which helps develop some creative skills. All that we need to start doodling is a pen and paper. It has always been considered as an activity for the kids, but adults are found doodling everywhere .Psychologists have studied extensively on doodlers and doodling; and they say doodling helps us concentrate.

Scribbling during a lecture helps us concentrate? Yes it does, psychology professor Jackie  Andrade has proved it.

She conducted an experiment where she made 40 people listen to the same monotonous, boring recorded message individually. Out of the 40 people, 20 were made to draw simple figures while they listened to the tape(doodlers). The other 20 were just listening(non doodlers). It was seen that the first lot of doodlers remembered about 29% more information from the tape than the second lot of non doodlers.

How does doodling help you concentrate and memorize ?

While attending a boring lecture or meeting or even a phone call, the extra energy you have makes you daydream. Daydreaming requires a whole lot of mental energy which distracts you completely from your work. Doodling on the other hand requires little energy, which keeps you from daydreaming but also let’s you pay attention on your principal work. So when you doodle in a class you are actually paying attention.

Another psychology professor Prinz  once said that doodling is an enjoyable activity and the positive emotion makes us more creative by opening us up to more exploratory avenues of thought.

Prinz also said “if you spend half an hour doing something creative ,when someone gives you a problem you will think about it in a fresh way.”

These professors have given us enough reasons to doodle and to be creative.  For someone like me who has never been interested in art, who hates drawing diagrams , and is horrible at it , doodling comes in handy to help me think when I can’t and also in satisfying the little creative side in me.

Anyone can doodle!!

That is what I like most about doodling, it does not have to be perfect. Sunni Brown the author of ‘The Doodle Revolution’ has said in her book that she gives no point for the aesthetic quality of a doodle. You can make whatever you want , however you want to make it, it does not have to be perfect or precise, it can look hideous, it does not even have to mean anything.

Your doodles are for you, it is a creative workout for the brain. So go grab a pen and paper and test it for yourself.

Apart from the unconscious doodling you can try the doodle with me videos available online. They may not have the same effects but are really fun.

Until next time

Lots of love ❤

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