Childhood in danger! 

Hello everyone!
The hitvada on it’s Sunday edition featured an article about child labor, the author T G Iyer talked about the new amendments made to the child labor protection law in India. It said that now children under 14 can help in the family’s workplace on the condition that they join school. The article featured stories about children who actually work after school or have quit school to work,it included their experiences and feelings which they shared themselves.This got me reading more stories about such children from all over the world.

Trust me they are everywhere and their stories would fill you up with pity.

These children did not choose work over play, nor did they choose to chase deadlines. They did not choose to work till their body aches and for so little money! 

Why do they work and does this really help them earn the bread for their families? 

They work beacause they think they don’t have another option.They are ready to work for anyone who is willing to pay. They work because their present needs become more important to them than any dreams they ever had. The fact that they don’t have the bare necessities make them find work, working hard to provide for the family overshadows their ability to dream more than the necessities. They try to be happy with what they are doing , they curb their cravings , their voices and their wishes. 

Their childhood dies an early death. 

When they see their parents struggling everyday, or in some cases running away from their responsibilities, they know that every penny counts. 

You know what disturbed me the most? 

The physical assault and the mental torture is horrible indeed , but limiting themselves is even worse. They don’t have the proper guidance, the money, the tools and the education to get out of the situation they are in. I agree they are limited here,  but the only hurdle, barrier, limitation one has in succeeding are the one’s  they create for themselves.

Yes, I am saying that their growth is not limited because of the resources  but because of themselves. 

As they work from such a tender age, they learn to like the job they do. They don’t do what they love, they have to like what they do.They draw boundaries of their own and fear to even think of crossing them. They define limits to their growth. 

What happens in the course is :

What should have been just a bad phase of life becomes their whole life (most of the time) . 
Nothing can stop you from growing except for you and your mind. 

If they cannot even think of better days, how can they get out of this phase?

Childhood is the time for whims and fancies more than anything. It is the time to grow, dream , play  and be happy. Not only me but the world feels sorry for these underprivileged children, they are providing them with all the materialistic needs but I don’t think they can put that to use until they learn how to dream. 

What do you think?  Tell me in the comment section below. 

Until next time 

Lots of love ❤

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  1. This article really needs an attention coz our generation is in a huge loss child labour in our society is in it’s extreme we need to figure out where we are lacking
    Anyways your articles are really interesting I loved to get connected to such an innovative technology blogger

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    • Hey, thanks
      I know we need to bring it to attention and actually do something about it!
      I read your blogs and they are great too. I so wish I could really write about fashion and beauty!
      Glad to meet you too!! 😇😇😇😇
      BTW I am not a technology blogger, I am just newbie who writes about anything and everything!
      Lots of love 😘❤

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  2. At the onset I would say, a thought provoking article. The fact of life is, some are more equal than others. About providing materialistic things to under-privileged children, such measures never help. USA has been helping many African countries, since decades, by providing them food and aid still their condition hasn’t improved.

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  3. Great article. Childhood should be filled with fun, happy, carefree times. It is heart wrenching to think of the conditions/situations that these children are being subjected to.

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