What’s your regulator? 

Hello everyone! 

If you are an Indian, you probably know that the pressure cooker is a quintessential kitchen utensil used in each and every Indian household. We Indians just can’t do without it. 

The pressure cooker – it can do anything and everything, from boiling, steaming, baking, cooking, and even frying. It uses vapour pressure to cook the food and has a pressure regulator to expel the excess vapour. 

Great invention, isn’t it? 

Under the right amount of pressure it cooks delicious food ; without the pressure, the food remains uncooked and when the pressure is more than necessary it either releases it through the regulator or it explodes

Wait, Why in the world am I talking about pressure cookers? It is because I feel like one! 

Yes, you read it right. With all the thoughts, feelings and emotions I have inside of me, I certainly feel like one!

I think if you have ever been really sad, angry,  frustrated, irritated, happy, elated,  anxious, or if you have ever had a say,  if you have ever had a voice, if you have ever loved, and you could not express it in any way for some reason,  you can relate to this

If you have ever had any emotion unexpressed,  you should have felt this way. 

Why?  Because.. 

We as humans, tend to be very expressive since the day we are born. A child crying right after his birth is also a form of expression and it continues in one or the other form till the day we die. Trust me it has nothing to do with being an introvert or an extrovert, everyone needs to express. 


That’s the case with me at least, I go through an emotional rollercoaster almost everyday and without an outlet, it piles up inside of me. This piled up load of emotions, it makes me feel so suffocated, I feel like I am full and I will burst if I add one more to the pile.

See,  that‘s the pressure building up inside me and I will explode like a pressure cooker if I don’t find a regulator
Now, just like a pressure cooker, I can either let it out through my regulator and balance the pressure to come up with a delicious meal or I can explode and destroy not just the food but my myself too. 

  • I can choose to scream, shout,  punch my pillow, break things up, and all the other destructive ways of expression.    


  • I can choose to express myself in a more creative way.  I can express myself by talking it out, singing. Dancing, writing,  composing music, sketching or painting. There are millions of ways. 

Not being able to express suffocates you, and you can’t deny that nothing beats creative satisfaction , isn’t that just the perfect combination

Your way to express yourself is your pressure regulator, you wanna know what’s mine?  

When I was a kid,  I used to cry it out with an occasional breaking of stuff . I used to write a little even when I was young, a few poems and a few angry rants were my escape.

Comfort food has always been my thing, and that’s the reason for that double chin I have. Lol !

As I have grown up ,  I feel like crying all the time won’t get me anywhere and gobbling up all the tasty treats is an insult to food itself ! So,  I chose the creative way, this blog is one of those, I also doodle , run at times , try and bake, or try out a new DIY ! I also cry my heart out every once in a while when nothing else works. 

All of the above keeps me sane and going. Thoose are my regulators. 

I have also observed other people,  my brother does not talk much, but I know he is not well when he plays his guitar continuously for hours. 

I think each and every living being needs one, and it does not necessarily have to be creative. By creative I don’t mean something art related, I just mean something constructive! You may create anything – from a painting, a new mobile application,  a new dance step,  a new tune, a pair of muscles, a house of cards, a sand castle,  or even a few memories.

The sky is the limit, express yourself with your creation,  say what ever you want to, in any which way you want!
It’s not something  new, we have always been creating things as a way of expression. I think those creations which actually express you are the best ones because they tell a story you can connect to and are completely original ! 

Just like the pressure cooker,  if you have th right amount of pressure, you can use it as a force to drive you in the right direction.  Also, as that comes up with good food,  you may come up with something great too. 
So go ahead and find your regulator if you haven’t already and I am sure you will see the difference. 

Until next time

Lots of love ❤

P. S- Connect with me on my instagram!  ananyajha_



  1. I tried posting a comment before… there was some error. Last time that happened on another blog, I reposted the comment only for it to appear twice. I hope it doesn’t happen here again 🙂 Just wanted you to know what a positive and up building blog you have here. And I agree: it does matter how you decide to release that pressure. My regulator: Poetry 🙂

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  2. Hey ananya ..how you doing..wonderful and thought provoking post..well earlier my regulator was my studies and job ..now I dont think I need any regulator ..I prefer to express it out directly now (which is not working at all ) but I feel anyone can’t be a pressure cooker all the time..thr will come a time of explosion ..anyways take care

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