5 reasons why you should build a house of cards

Hello everyone! So, I had a pretty tiring day today, I posted a blog yesterday and it did Not get the response I had expected. That’s fine, I should know what it feels like when things don’t work out the way you had planned. Anyways, I had my cousin sisters come over today, they are really young ,yet we managed to have loads of fun.

Yes, I spent the entire day playing with kids ,and even though I got really tired, it was worth it.

They made me play a lot of games, but we spent the entire afternoon building house of cards! I used to love doing this when I was their age, doing it today did not only bring back those memories but also got me thinking.

So here are :-

5 reasons why you should build a house of cards!

  1. Your patience is put to test – Clearly, it is not a job that can be done quickly. You need a lot of time and patience, you can’t be harsh with the cards, you will have to handle them with care. You will realise that there is no point getting upset when you can’t do it, you just have to wait till you get better at it.
  2. You learn to like the never give up spirit – when you are trying to build a house of cards, It will fall down a gazillion times (not even kidding). When you begin, you will suffer to balance just two cards together and it will hurt like anything when you see it fall down. It will be heart wrenching when you will have to start from scratch after a little storm blows out your house. You will want to quit, but you will continue for some reason. That’s how you will develop the never give up attitude and learn to like it, because that’s what will make you achieve your goals.
  3. Nothing beats creative satisfaction – your efforts and patience won’t go waste, whatever the end product may be, you will be proud of it. It will make you happy, no matter what. You will be happy beacause you created something even if it’s something as simple as a house of cards. I think it’s not the product that makes us happy but the fact that we see the dedication and hard work we had put in, that makes it special.
  4. You will learn to let go – you know that your creation cannot really be that way for long, in fact it will go back to nothing in a matter of minutes. You will learn to be content with just the creative satisfaction you felt, and will learn to let go of something on which you had put in a lot of time and effort. Now, that is a major lesson for life.
  5. It is fun! – who has so much time and energy in today’s world to do something like this, right? Well, I know all of us are super busy but we do need to have a little fun time and again. So why not try doing something new? One of those nights when you decide to skip the usual Friday night out , you may wanna try this. Or maybe on a boring Sunday afternoon just to give things a little twist.

Well, those are a few things I felt like sharing. I hope you try to build one if you haven’t already, and feel free to share your experiences in the comment box below.

Until next time

Lots of love ❤

PS – you can connect with me on my instagram – ananyajha_



  1. Well I never thought of doing this.
    But your small act and large perspective towards it,seems incredible.
    Better I’d call you an artist too as it is an art to notice events deeply and relating it to practical life.☺
    Keep up buddy, It made me more interested in your writing 😊

    Liked by 2 people

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