This is why being grateful will make you happy

George Bernard Shaw in his classic drama ‘ Arms and the man ‘ says ,

If you are incapable of gratitude , you are incapable of any noble sentiment.

and I completely agree.

I read it a few years ago but I learnt it recently. Here is how;

A few days ago, during the behaviorial science class, our teacher told us that gratitude and happiness go side by side. Psychology says that whenever you are grateful, you will always be happy. We discussed a little about the hormones, enzymes and regulators involved in the process and got to know how science confirms the statement.

After that we were asked to pen down a list of 10 things we were thankful for.

It was a pretty simple exercise yet it turned out to be really difficult for some, not because they did not have anything to be thankful for, but because whatever they had, they took it for granted.

That is when I realized that I take a lot of things for granted too.

There are a lot of things I am thankful for, but there are a number of little things that I have simply been ignoring all the while. I decided to think of all the big and small things that I am blessed to have and be thankful for them.

I have always felt privileged for a lot of things in life, but writing them down made me all the more happy.

Well, Why shouldn’t I be happy and why shouldn’t you be ? We all deserve happiness ! Right?

We are all humans and emotional beings, we will be sad, depressed,and disheartened at some point in life; but that is just a part of the process. We will also be happy and cheerful on other days and those are the days we need to count.

credits – ( sparklysoul_ )

All of us have different problems , and none of our paths are completely embedded with roses. I know there are more thorns than roses but until and unless we learn to be thankful for the roses, we won’t have the strength to fight the thorns.

So, let us count our blessings instead of our problems and choose to be happy instead of gloomy. Trust me, when you sit down and think about the good things in life, you will know that life is pretty amazing.

Do you also think life is beautiful ?Are you thankful for the things you have in your life?

Well, in case you are not, let me tell you that the things you take for granted, someone is longing for them to be theirs.

The people you don’t value, someone somewhere will give up anything to have them in their life.

We should know that we are blessed, blessed with good food, good clothes, good people, good technology, a good place to live in and all the other things we have.

We should be acknowledging our blessings, be grateful and thankful for all of those and should never shy away from expressing our gratitude and thankfulness.

After all we have this one life to live happily, to enjoy our blessings, achieve what we can and always be thankful for it. There is just not enough time to be mourning for the things we don’t have, so let’s just skip it!

credits – ( sparklysoul_ )

Let’s be thankful for what all we have and be generous in expressing it.

Let’s start to say thank you often.

Thank your parents, your family , your friends, your helpers, your teachers , in fact anyone and everyone you are happy to have in your life.

Thank them for being there and for all the big and small gestures.

Thank your stars for giving you this life and thank yourself for being able to live through it.

Trust me it will only strengthen your relations and will make you feel good.

And that, my dear friends, is how gratitude has made me happy and will certainly make you happy too.

Let me know what all are you grateful for in the comment section below.

until next time

lots of love ❀

A silly frolicsome girl ( ananyajha_ )

In response to the daily prompt word – Gratitude



  1. I’m grateful that you shared this post.

    Beautifully composed.

    Life does deserve happiness and at some point in time, we do get happiness (though the ‘form’ of happiness we all will never agree with).

    I’m grateful for the life I live and perhaps every second of it whether it makes me feel sad or happy – I’m grateful that I’m experiencing life!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey, first of all thank you so much, it really means a lot to me , people taking out their precious time to read and even leave such lovely comments. I am so so glad that you like it. Yes, people have their own meanings of happiness and it’s sources. I hope you experience all what life has to offer with the same enthusiasm you have now ❀


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