This is what makes you really beautiful!

Hello everyone !

If you have been following me, you would know that I have been taught that beauty is not just skin deep,that a person’s beauty comes from deep within and all what we see is just a reflection of what we really are.

That’s exactly what I have believed in , I still believe in and I want to believe in all my life.

However, when you think of it, you would want to know more. What is it that makes a person beautiful ,if not the physical features? What are the traits we look for in a “beautiful ” person? How are we attracted to them and why?

To find out the answer to all these questions, I met a few bloggers / influencers from my city, had a fun little chat session with them, made new friends and learnt a lot.

Join in and have fun.

A tall petite frame encapsulating immense amount of energy, confidence and courage. That is how I would like to describe her.

When I first met her, we were running short of time and for some reason , we directly jumped into a serious conversation without any formal introduction what so ever.

An unconventional meet with a paradox, hmm, I should have expected this.

She says that she is attracted to a person’s vibes, the energy they have around them and the “aura” that they create.

She has a really positive and realxed energy around her which helped us get along instantly.

She was running late with a list of things to do that day , the schedule was jam packed but she managed this meet anyway. Believe me, never for a second did we feel like she was anxious , she managed to complete all those tasks with great poise.

Her confidence, her ease, her grace , and as her tattoo suggests her resilience – the ability to recover quickly from difficult situations. That is what makes her beautiful !

She believes in positive vibes , in getting back up after every downfall , in being happy , in spreading happiness , in equality and in a persona. She is all that she believes in and that is what makes her beautiful.

I am sure there is so much more that adds to her charm and beauty ,that I don’t know yet . What I know is, that she can see more in a person than what appears, and it makes her beautiful.

The girl with the most contagious smile ever! I knew she has a beautiful beautiful soul when I met her for the first time,a few months ago. Seriously , so beautiful that saying it once is just not enough .

A girl with dreams and ambitions, who believes in working hard and enhancing all the skills she has.

More than anything , she believes in giving. At a point in life where she does not really earn anything , she believes in giving away what she can – happiness.

She took us to a place she tries to visit often , a place filled with women who were abandoned , because of the disabilities they had. These women have no family , no friends ,no social life and are completely dependent on the courteous ‘ashram’ they live in.

She says that spending some time with them makes them happy and that’s all she wants.

Have a look at these beautiful pictures from there :

Aren’t these snaps just so beautiful ! Thank you so much Ananta for all this.

Let me tell you that these pictures just show 10% of the love and affection she had for them.

Her generosity ,her unconditional love, her willingness to share her happiness and joy with the people who need it and so much more is what makes her beautiful .

She sees people for who they are , when people smile despite of all the problems they have in life , it makes her happy.

This is what makes her really beautiful .

I hope you liked meeting these two beauties, and got to know that there is so much more in a person than what appears to be.

There are so many other things that are beautiful in a person, so much more coming ahead on the blog , stay tuned for that.

P. S – thank you so much Ananta ( the_canon_girl ) for these wonderful clicks. Guys show some love on her instagram page mentioned above ,if you like the pictures.

Until next time

lots of love

A silly frolicsome girl ( ananyajha_ )



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