Don’t be so hard on yourself , be Pee Safe

Hello everyone !

Today , I want all my female readers to think of all those times they were holding in their pee ! Remember all those pitiable , yet somehow hilarious moments you did that and feel free to share them or your views in the comment section below .

All those times you chose not use the public restroom while on a road trip , and holding it in until you reach a more hygienic toilet , somewhere else.

All those times you skipped the loo in a movie theater , even when the cold drink and a/c gave you all the reasons not to. Well , I can understand , it’s difficult to squat everytime.

All those extra minutes you put in to sanitize , wash and make a layer of tissue on the seat before actually sitting on it.

All those hours in the bus/train/flight , you spent just waiting to be home as soon as possible to pee in peace.

All those times , you had to hold it back because the loo smelled bad.

For all of the above and many more times you chose to hold in your pee because of a dirty , unhygienic and smelly loo ; your bladder won’t thank you.

For all those times , a product called PEE SAFE comes to the rescue. Pee Safe is a toilet seat sanitizer spray which gives you a clean , germ-free ; sanitized and fragrant toilet seat in just 5 seconds.

There are thousands of UTI ( urinary tract infection ) cases every year and most of them are of women , reason being the female anatomy which is more prone to such infections. Holding in your pee and using dirty toilet seats adds to the cause , and therefore , a product like pee safe will lessen your chances of getting infected.

Not only UTI but using public toilets can cause a lot of other infections like hepatitis A , various skin infections , gastroenteritis , diarrhea etc.

You don’t want the burning sensation, the frequent need to urinate even when you have an empty bladder, the pain accompanied by fever and cold , just because you had to use the dirty seat once ? Do you?


The toilet seat is not the only place you can catch infections from , the faucets, knobs and door handles may have infectious bacteria and viruses too.

Pee Safe being a compact product , can be carried anywhere and everywhere with ease. It can be used on toilet seats , knobs and faucets preventing the chances of any waterborne diseases and infections.

We need to understand that it will just sanitize the toilet seat and not the whole bowl , chances of infection from the bowl still persist and we need to make sure that we flush the toilet before and after use , to avoid any more infection.

So , Don’t be so hard on your bladder , don’t hold back your pee , don’t let the viruses get you, be safe with pee safe.


Pros :-

  • Kills 99.9 % germs
  • Dries quickly
  • Deodorizes the loo
  • Easy to carry
  • Affordable
  • Available almost everywhere

Cons :-

  • You will be so addicted to the fragrance , that it will always find a way to your monthly supplies list .

You can buy your savior from :- nykaa safety cart amazon flipkart picture courtesy – hands_on_nikon

Until next time – be safe with pee safe.

Lots of love

A silly frolicsome girl ( ananyajha_)



    • Hey, glad to know that you found my article informative. I don’t like using public toilets either , I had a habit of waiting until we reached home, but not anymore. The product is a real problem solver.


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