5 reasons why you and I should be reading more!

Hello everyone ! Today on the blog , we have 5 reasons why we all should be reading more.

I have to tell you that I don’t read a lot. By reading I don’t refer to my course books ,not even to the newspaper, magazine articles, and other articles I find online, I read them everyday. I am referring to the books that take you to a different place; I am referring to fictions ,non-fictions , dramas , historical fictions ,biographies ,and all kinds of books that tell a story.

Why should we read them? Don’t you ever think about it ?

As much as I love to read, I don’t find myself reading a lot. I give myself silly excuses for not reading enough, like I don’t have enough time, and I have other important things to do. For every time I gave myself a silly excuse, I have wanted someone to tell me why I should not be skipping on reading. So, I gave myself 5 reasons to be reading more, and decided to share it with you guys. Here they are and I hope they are of some help.

  • To travel We travel to experience, to escape, to get lost, to find ourselves, and to set our souls free. Reading is pretty similar to that , ain’t it? Read because it is an escape, the one you need from the day to day chaos and chores, the one you want because you get tired of your real life struggles every once in a while, the one which does not require you to leave your room and the one escape in which you get lost just to find yourself once again. Read because you can’t always step out to experience the world, but you can always carry it around with you in the form of words.
  • To live more than just one life – ” A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one ” – George R.R Martin. When you read a good novel, you live with the characters, go where they go , see, feel and observe what they do, their experiences become yours and you indulge in a completely different world. I can’t even count the number of times I have cried , laughed and related with the characters. I have sobbed for hours when a protagonist dies suddenly, I have smiled at every happy ending, I have laughed at all the hilarious incidents and I have felt everything any character has ever felt. Read because this universe has a plethora of experiences for you and you don’t have enough time to go through them all. One lifetime is not enough, but a thousand may do.
  • It’s a rather productive hobbyyou may like to dance, sing, draw, play or do whatever you like in your free time and term it as your hobby. All of these are exciting and amazing activities for sure, but reading on the other hand is one of the most productive hobbies of all time. Hobbies have been a source of pleasure and happiness since forever, but a hobby that also helps you develop an important life skill, can only be a rather awesome one, right? Read because it will enhance your vocabulary, knowledge and hence your communication skills.
  • It gives you a different perspective Perspectives or Point of views ( POV’s) can only be understood when you know a lot of pepole , have lived their lives and can analyze situations from their end. It is practically impossible to be able to step into somebody else’s shoes in this one life, but reading makes it easier. Read to get to know of different cultures,people ,languages ,notions and ideas. When you have all this knowledge , you will be able to look at things in a lot of different ways , and isn’t that something the world needs today ? The world today, needs individuals who can look at situations in a thousand different ways and can come up with a thousand different solutions. Read to understand better, analyze better and think differently .
  • For pleasureE. V Lucas in his essay “reading for pleasure ” inspires us to read, read whatever we like , not because of any other reason but for pleasure. Now, let me contradict myself, forget about all the 4 reasons given above and the hundreds of reasons you can think of. Reading is an activity that may be very beneficial for an individual , but if you read for the wrong reasons you will never be benefited from it.Don’t read because someone asked you to ,or to discuss on a certain topic , not even for your skills. Read because it is fun and you like it, not because of any other reasons.

Picture credits – Anu

Until next time

lots of love

A silly frolicsome girl ( ananyajha_ )



  1. So true! You have just reminded me of a dozen of books I have left half-read for the same silly excuses of business and lack of time, I feel so eager to finish them and start something new! Thank you for this post! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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