Get to know ME! 

Hello everyone!

First of all thank you for taking a little time out to get to know me. 

My name is Ananya Jha, you may call me miss Ananya. This name may sound a bit formal but it is actually a nick name, my brother calls me miss ananya , and I am really fond of it now.

I am eighteen, a student and I am trying to explore myself.  My journey of life has been incredible till now,  I loved my school,  I have a loving family, I have fooled around quite a lot and  have had a carefree attitude throughout.

This is all that I know about myself till now-

I absolutely love kids, I got to interact with them on regular basis during school and the experience  could not have been better. I love flowers. I am a little into arts, crafts and DIY projects (not much). I don’t read a lot but whatever little I read I get carried away, I don’t just read novels,  I travel with the characters, live their life and become a part. I love movies <3, who does not , right? I am not much of a foodie, but one day when I would  pack my bags and set out to travel the world,  I would love to try out different cuisines from all over the world. 

Now that I am stepping into the next phase of life, I wanted to become a little more aware of my potentials and of the opportunites I might have as far as career is concerned. Basically, I want to take life a bit more seriously. 

This little bird wants to come out of her wonderful golden cage where she was safe and secure, to know what the wind tastes like.  She wants to fly high, fall down,  get up on her own and reach the stars.

I am a dreamer, a very ambitious girl who knows that nothing good comes at an easy price. I am ready to pay the price once I Know what exactly I want in my life. I love people who follow their passion,  these are the people who inspire me.  I think nobody should do anything they don’t love, because that can never make you happy and is unjust to the work itself. 

So here I am trying to find that one thing I love doing and be the best at it. 

Other than my career, I also want to get to know my interests and I hope that writing about it helps me in it. I wanted a platform where I can share my experiences and views, and also get to hear your stories, hence the blog! 

So, come along, read my stories and share yours!

Until next time

Lots of love ❤