#DesiGirl:  7 Fab Ways to Style a Basic White Kurti

My friend Mary zubita John showed me how to style a Kurti in 7 different ways. Can’t thank her enough for making a monkey look amazing! ❤❤
Check this out!!

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I giveyou 5 different ways in which you can add some oomph to the otherwise “basic” whitekurti.

  1. Daily Casual
    Wake up for college or work with absolutely no clue about what to wear? Simply try wearing your whitekurtiwith a pair of printed palazzos and some comfortable flats. A neutral-coloured sling bag with gold accessories completes this casual look. One cannot go wrong with this fun and trendy outfit for the day!
  2. TomboyFor those who don’t mind taking the risk to try out something new, this “tomboy” way of wearing a whitekurticould work like a charm! All you need to do is wear it with a pair of black culottes, a long waistcoat and some sliders. This look is not only androgynous but also very effective!
  3. Formal in whiteA formal look in a whitekurti? It is possible! Contrary to what…

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