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A letter of apology…

Ever since I was a kid,  I have been taught treating everyone the same way.  I have been taught not to be judgemental,  to have an open mind and wish for a prejudice free world.  Sadly enough, not everyone practices what they preach.  I have seen people who talk about abolishing discrimination one day and… Continue reading A letter of apology…

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5 reasons why you should build a house of cards.

Hello everyone! So, I had a pretty tiring day today,  I posted a blog yesterday and it did Not get the response I had expected. That's fine,  I should know what it feels like when things don't work out the way you had planned. Anyways, I had my cousin sisters come over today, they are really young ,yet… Continue reading 5 reasons why you should build a house of cards.

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Hello everyone!! Let me tell you straight up that- I wanted to start this whole trying out of things with some art form but I later realized that we have some more 'important' stuff to deal with. So before it is too late.. Let us try and understand how important  perspective is to us. What I… Continue reading Perspective