5 reasons why you should build a house of cards.

Hello everyone! So, I had a pretty tiring day today,  I posted a blog yesterday and it did Not get the response I had expected. That's fine,  I should know what it feels like when things don't work out the way you had planned. Anyways, I had my cousin sisters come over today, they are really young ,yet… Continue reading 5 reasons why you should build a house of cards.


What’s your regulator? 

Do you have a lot of emotions, feelings,ideas,thoughts and opinions? Is something stopping you from letting it out? Does that suffocate you? This may help you find your way. Someone may stop you from speaking, someone may not give heed to your ideas, but no one in this whole wide world can stop you from expressing yourself if you find your own way!

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Hello everyone! Today we are going to talk about something which is thought to be a frivolous and distracting activity -doodling! Doodling is nothing but scribbling absentmindedly ; it includes random figures, patterns even words and numbers. This is something everybody must have done sometime or the other. We have all scribbled during long phone… Continue reading Doodling!!?